Wall of Shame
Tips to catch a thief
  1. Learn what premade fonts look like. Go to http://www.sunnyneo.com or my premade font page, http://www.neopets.com/~scootaloo, and any other site that you may find that has premade fonts. You can also use a search engine like google, to look for "Neopets premade fonts".
  2. It is not against the rules of MOST sites to have fonts rated. However, it IS against ALL premade site rules to have claimed to made the font. If you are not familiar with the rules of a site that offers premade fonts, PLEASE READ THEM. 8 out of 10 neomails that I receive about font theft, are because someone was asking for a rating, but never claimed to have made the font. Again, read the site rules.
  3. I cannot stress this enough.... BE POLITE! I do not like to get screenshots of you calling the suspected thief names, such as NOOB, twit and etc. Our purpose here is not to degrade the person or harass them in any way. That is my job...no just kidding 
  4. Ask the suspected thief if they "made their font". If the answer is yes, then confront the person. If they do not answer or they DO admit the font IS premade, stop there. Don't even neomail the person. We want people to use our fonts, just not to claim them.
  5. If the font in question is an "edited premade", then inform the person that editing a premade font design is not considered to be making a font. Explain the site's rules about editing a premade font.
  6. If the person insists to have made the font, then proceed with sending the board link in a neomail. If you see other people neomailing me already, please do not neomail me too. I get way too much mail pertaining to the same board. You can find links to contact me on the navigation bar, at the top of the WOS home page.
  7. If I do not respond, please make screen shots. If you do not know how to make screenshots, go here: http://www.neopets.com/~screeniehelp for a guide. After making the screenies, you can go here: Sunnyneo's Uploading Images Tutorial for a guide to uploading your screenies to a web server. See the "note" at the bottom of this page for what I want included in the screenshots.
  8. Go to the site that offers the premade font, copy the font in question, then post on the board with it. This is a HUGE "slap in the face" and the thief will usually confess or just leave. You should still make screenshots.
  9. Remember, just because the "colors" are the same as a premade, doesn't mean they are automatically guilty. Several people use the same program to obtain their hex codes.
    When making screenshots, PLEASE be sure to make all screenies relevant to the theft. I do not want to see screenies of people posing for screenies, saying "cheese" or "smiles for screenies", giving a zero rating, "stop! thief" or anything like that. Yes, sometimes there are funny things that are said during the confrontation, but I am most interested in the confrontation part of the conversation. If you have all of the NECESSARY screenie stuff, then by all means, make screenies of the "funny" stuff. If you see a Sunnyneo staff member or site creator confronting the thief, MAKE SURE to include them in your screenshots. That is very important! If the thief has stolen more than one font on the board, screenie all fonts in question, not just one.
    SunnyNeo does not claim to own the concept of text fonts, block fonts or rainbow fonts. We are perfectly aware that a lot of people have been making these before our generators, and are doing so without our generators. We only made these to help people who prefer to use such a generator to make their own dream font. All fonts made with or without generators are people's own creation, not ours, we simply helped a little (with the exception of the premades on the siggies page).

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