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This site consists of usernames that take premade Neoboard font designs and claim them as their own. You will see screenshots of the proof and what the person had to say.

This site ONLY lists people that are truly not sorry about what they did,
people that are persistant in their stealing
or impersonated Sunnyneo staff with their theft.

Everyone is neomailed or advised of theft before being placed here.

If you see anyone taking credit for premade font designs that they did not make, feel free to contact me by clicking the link in the navigation bar.

Please provide the board link and/or the page where the incident occurred.

I will take a screenshot of the offense, neomail and confront this person.

you can also take your own screenshots and neomail the link to me,
after you send the link to the board.

Before confronting anyone, please read the "Catch a Thief" page.

**NOTE: The names listed on this site are for informational purpose only. This is only to inform you of people that are taking credit for premade fonts.
You should NOT contact any of these people.
They should not be harassed, contacted or verbally abused in any way.

AGAIN...The names are for information only!!!

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